Mid American Energy: 888-427-5632

Iowa American Water: 866-641-2108

Century Link: 800-244-1111

Mediacom Cable: 563-579-8009 (Ask for McDonnell & Associates Rate)

Done Right Satellite: 563-355-7490 (This is the only Satellite Company that is authorized)

Tenant agrees to transfer utilities into Tenant’s name prior to occupying unit. Tenants will be charged a $10 processing fee, in addition to the bill amount, for each utility bill paid by McDonnell & Associates, Inc. that is the responsibility of the tenant.  New tenants have one month to transfer the utilities into your name.  During the first month, new tenants will be charged all utility bill amounts, but will not be charged the $10 processing fee.  After one month, tenant will be charged the $10 processing fee, in addition to the bill amount, for any utility bills received and paid for by McDonnell & Associates, Inc.

Tenant is responsible for checking with utility companies concerning rates and deposits.  Tenant agrees to have such accounts in Tenant’s name throughout term of lease and/or occupancy.  Both Tenant and Landlord agree to pay respective utility and service bills in full when due. 


Our office is located at 422 Pershing Ave. Davenport, IA 52801. 

Our office is open Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Phone:563-388-6422 Fax: 563-388-2044